Club night will re-commence on Wednesday, 7th April 2021 in a format to comply within Covid rules as they will stand then. It will then hopefully change to a more familiar format on Monday, 17th May when Covid rules are relaxed further. Full details of this are contained in the attachment.

Initially, from the 7th April the tee will be reserved for Club night from 14.30 through to 17.30. Going forward this will be reviewed and changed with the staring time put back later into the day as both Covid rules and sunset changes.

Wednesday Men’s Captain’s Club Night After Covid-19 Step 3 – 17 May 2021.

Captain Club Night is traditionally an opportunity for gentlemen members and estate workers of all ages to have a friendly 18 hole competition from 1630 through to finish followed up by the opportunity of a convivial drink and something to eat in the Cavendish Club. Teams of three are formed by members simply turning up, putting their names next into the book located in the clubroom, and off you go in order of the groupings. The format for each evening will be dictated by the Club Captain on the day. It is an ideal way for new members particularly to meet and play with their fellow golfers and older members to tell you how good they once were. For the measly remuneration of £1 each payable at the end of the round, there is the opportunity to win some much prized Chatsworth Golf Balls if your team win.
If it so happens that the last person to put their name down is the only one in a new group, then a 4 ball is created with the previous group or a 2 ball if and their score will be adjusted accordingly. This will ensure that everyone gets a game.
It is hoped that from Monday 17 May the Cavendish Club will reopen its doors when step 3 of the Government’s Road Map will allow gatherings of up to 30 outside, and rule of 6 or 2 households to sit together inside. So the ‘traditional’ Captain’s Club Night will recommence Wednesday 19th May and all being well, retiring to the Cavendish Club afterwards.
Before Covid-19 Step 3 - Monday 17 May 2021.
Clearly we are trying to enjoy golf during difficult times; therefore it is proposed that due to unprecedented circumstances caused by Covid-19, we break with tradition slightly and commence a form of Club Night from Wednesday 7 April, but without the opportunity of refreshments, and starting at 1430 instead of 1630, when a full 18 hole round of golf will be played.
In keeping with the club’s current rules concerning booking a tee time, those wishing to play need to go on to the V1 website and put your name down from 1430 onwards, adding your name to the next vacant spot. Instead of the traditional groups of three, four will make up each

group. Once four names have made up a group, apply your name to the next available slot or start a new group of four, and so on. Members are asked not to enter other people’s names on their behalf please. That way, all, particularly new members, get to meet and play with those they may not have before. If there is only one player in the last group then one player from the group in front will be asked to drop back to create one 3 ball and one 2 ball, or two 3 ball’s if only two in last group.
The tee times on V1 from 1430 on Wednesday 7 April 2021 will be allocated to those wishing to partake in Men’s Captain’s Club Night only and will continue until traditional club night resumes on 19th May.
Club Night will also be an opportunity for anyone wishing to post a supplementary score / casual round by complying with the current WHS and Chatsworth Golf Club rules and guidelines. Refer to the club website for more information.
Players are reminded that until step 3 of the government’s roadmap commences no sooner than 17 May, please ensure that you turn up no earlier than 10 minutes before your game, and leave as soon as you have finished. Should you arrive early, please remain in your car until the group in front have set off from the 1st tee. Please do not hang around and congregate.
Looking forward to meeting and greeting fellow members during the season ahead, and remember, golf is meant to be for fun.........for some.
Robert McDonald Club Captain